Having a relationship with uncertainty & not knowing is vital for personal growth & development. For me, it was a valuable lesson to learn to be able to say that I didn’t know the answer to something; it just didn’t dawn on me that I could say I didn’t know. It was clear that I had shame about it & felt the need to have an answer.

During these times of Corona, it’s brought up a lot of feelings of uncertainty with a lot of people & that’s totally understandable & healthy; the sooner people can acknowledge that they don’t have all the answers, the sooner, clarity with all kinds of things will begin to come to them.

Here’s a couple of things I feel quite certain about.

Regardless of how & when they lift restrictions, I’m assuming that the Corona virus will be a part of our lives for years to come, just as there are other virus in our culture that have stood the test of time just the same.

I think people’s fears about sickness & health will be on higher alert, especially when it comes to physical contact with one another. They will be more conscientious & even neurotic about germs & will continue to do everything they can to keep “clean”.

However, if you know anything about virus, you know that virus never truly die, they merely adapt, improvise & even get stronger depending on the level of threat that they face; they live amongst us all the time. And with all the usage of antibiotics we overly utilize in this culture, that’s why we continue to see these super virus.

I think foreign travel will change forever, where the romance of going to far away lands will also be altered. Of course, we will continue to travel, however, our naïveté about what those foreign lands carry, virus wise, as a part of their culture, will also be considered much more than we ever have.

Lastly, people’s fear has been much more apparent & on the surface these past couples of months. One might say that it’s only because of the virus, but I’m here to say that is just not so; it has always been there, buried. I think people are much more aware & connected to their fears since the virus came out that they weren’t aware of before. I think this awareness of their fear will stay for quite sometime & that kind of awareness is always a good thing.