My lady and I recently got back from a week long trip to Utah & it felt good to get away from all the heaviness & COVID-19 questions, concerns, fears, worries, truths & lies.

The first day in Zion, we walked 10 miles to Angels Landing & then 5 more miles the next day through ice cold water in the Narrows trail. We moved on to Bryce Canyon where we put in more mileage as we took in the crazy views of the hoodoos & the beautiful amphitheater.

One of the best parts of all this walking we did was the total immersion in nature & the silence from all the cacophony of voices related to COVID-19 & the associated global shut down.

When you’re high above it all & immersed in nature, you get an entirely different perspective on all things life. It’s the reason I take regular hikes up into the mountains where I live. Its a place where I spend time with deeper aspects of what I feel to be true with everything going on, including the vast array of opinions related to the ongoing new virus we live with.

I’m extremely curious & passionate to see how in this particular place & time in history all this plays out. I’m also curious as to the kinds of pivots I will choose to make because of it all. I’m curiously suspicious to see what I’m “required” to do & what becomes my choice to do with my health & life.

I’d like to see people given the choice to do as they choose with their health & body without shame or pointing fingers.

I see very clearly that certain things about what is health, healing & vaccine efficacy have finally surfaced to reveal two distinct schools of thought. It’s a long time coming that COVID-19 has become the vehicle to publicly reveal these differences in opinions.

Stay curious. It’s cures.
Stay curiously suspicious. It keeps you young.