So my Maori-teachers/friends went back home to New Zealand. Their stay here, and the two days that I hosted them with sessions they did for my clients, friends, and family was really great.

The two days went by seamlessly … besides our broken hearts about losing Manu (One of my Maori-healer teachers.)

Many people received really powerful sessions and a lot of healing was had; the energy in the room over the two days was rich.

People let go of things they’ve been longing to do for many years.

… some let go of things they never knew they were holding onto.

Many people came for many different reasons, but one thing they all had in common was the deep desire to shift and heal something within them.

Having said all that, the statement, you’re either part of the solution or part of the problem comes to mind.

I guess it’s because those who came for sessions, chose to better their lives, which in turn creates a better world for their families and everyone else for that matter.

And God knows we could use all the help we can get making this world a better, saner place.

For those who come to me for work like this or have received work by my Maori friends, they know the work is undeniable in its ability to facilitate healing and change if the person is willing to show up and allow it.

As Manu used to say, it doesn’t matter who works on you or how deep the work can go, you must be willing to allow the healing to come through you or else nothing will change.

For those who came and received sessions, I thank you, and you are very welcome; your commitment to healing yourself is inspiring.

Of course it goes without saying that I’m here and local to most of you in Los Angeles, so if you need more work or any recommendations, just reach out to me in some way, or hit reply to this email and we can figure it out together.

For those of you who don’t know my work, you can check it out at I do three things in my practice, sometimes individually and sometimes all together depending on the client.

I’m trained in Maori healing bodywork. I’m also a licensed Doctor or Chiropractic, and a private coach.

As for me, and since the last time I wrote.

I’ve been pretty good although a little “banged-up” but I’m on the mend.

Been going a little too hard for too long and maybe not taking enough time out for myself .. who am I kidding, I’m the worst at taking a vacation or some real time off. I definitely have to change that.

“Banged-up” meaning I got run-down tired after the Maori left, then I got a little under the weather and them bam! I got vertigo.

Vertigo is not a fun symptom to experience and I have compassion for anyone who’s experienced it.

For those who don’t know and without going too deeply into it, vertigo is a symptom of a bigger cause.

It can be related to an inner ear infection or virus, which then effect’s your balance – low blood pressure, roller coasters and a bad cervical (neck) spine usually related to some kind of arthritic degeneration.

It can be remedied one of two ways depending on the cause of it.

For treatment, it depends on the cause, but Chiropractic adjustments to boost your immune response and nerve system, Epley’s maneuver – see youtube for that little trick, Vitamins, and rest.

If it’s an inner ear infection and you’ve been exhausted for quite some time then you might have to break down and take some antibiotics to help clear the infection … like I did. I actually did all the above.

Note: my ears never hurt, nor did I have any ringing in my ears.

Also, allow some time for the vertigo to pass, sometimes it’s not immediate, and sometimes it’s instantaneous.

That’s the brief overview.

Aside from all of that, I’m pretty good.

I look forward to sharing more thoughts, ideas and healing concepts with you soon.