Constantly being in attack-mode, Mamba-mentality, anger & being out to prove something, in every area of your life will only get you so far & with certain kinds of results, however being able to deploy different mentalities depending upon the area of your life & the situation is vital; & that’s especially true when it comes to deep healing. Vulnerability is the ability to allow, let go, open your heart, express shame in areas of your life where you struggle & often wonder if you’ll ever be able to do something well, or be well; It’s the yin to the yang of Mamba-mentality. One is no better than the other & both are vital. In order for deep healing to occur, things must “fall apart”. In order for something to dramatically change, we must expect the container & different structures like our body & life to be shaken up. This process is not comfortable & does not feel good, which is why most people seldom dramatically change any aspect of their lives … they don’t want to feel bad, look bad, be in pain, not feel like themselves, be alienated by peers, feel lost, helpless, hopeless, feel alone, etc. Deep healing requires this process & people should expect it. Constantly being in contraction or the masculine energy of things will not allow you to drop into deep healing & it will only allow you to go so far. Feminine energy however, is required in order to help you get to the depths of what you’re looking for. You must let go & allow certain walls & guarding to come down in order for this depth of wisdom & healing to be available to you. My work & other talented people, practice techniques which help dissolve & even break apart the armoring that we’ve been wearing for so many years. It’s definitely served in protecting us, especially from trauma we’ve encountered from the past, however it comes at a high price to continue to carry around. What used to produce large benefits & a method of protection, now keeps many great gifts & people out & that includes love & deep healing. Just because you like doing what you want to do, because you’re comfortable, doesn’t mean it’s good for you or is going to produce any new results.