It’s been 13 years since my last legitimate relationship & for the last 4 months, all that has changed & I couldn’t be happier. Her name is Lindsay & she came out of nowhere; meaning she came from a direction I wasn’t intending, looking in, manifestating or had envisioned … she’s been so much more than my stubborn self could have ever hoped or asked for.

I say I wasn’t looking in her direction because we come from very different backgrounds when it comes to health & healing. She’s medical, a surgeon in fact, & I am an obsessive enthusiast of holistic healing in the deepest sense with slight to moderate opinions about medicine & pharmaceutical companies to go with it. But none the less, I quickly saw what God & the universe had in store for me/us.

Work was busy for me when quarantine first started & I double & tripled down when it came to letting go of looking to be taken care of & focused my sole attention on being of service to others. However, romantically I wasn’t in a good place. I had a strong vision for what I wanted & was making sure that my actions matched my words, but I was growing weary none the less; then poof, in came Lindsay.

I was given the advice several years ago to “allow myself to be surprised” when it came to having a woman come into my life. It was certainly great advice for someone like me & I’m passing it on to anyone for whom that resonates with.

Since we met, I would hum & even do my best to sing Rihanna’s song, “We found love in a hopeless place,” to find a way to add humor to a time where I am both falling in love with her & having strong feelings for a government & media that is grossly mis-handling this “virus” in the way that it has.

Like I’ve been saying since the beginning of all of this; I’m not saying COVID-19 isn’t real, but it ain’t even close to what they’re saying it is. & just like the advice I was given about “allowing myself to be surprised”, I think we should apply that when it comes to all kinds of things these days.

We should allow ourselves to be surprised by the lessons we’re gaining during these times & the truth behind what’s really going on with COVID-19. If we only focus on the vision we hold for ourselves & not take heed of what’s really going on, we could end up missing out on way more than love.