For some, they’re in touch with these feelings, while for others, they’re disconnected from them or choose to suppress them For those of you who are connected to these feelings, are you being creative & contributing them in constructive or destructive ways? One way or another, those feelings are being expressed, so finding out what that looks like for you is vital. It’s not easy to learn how to create with these kinds of feelings, & yet, to be a healthy functioning individual who grows & develops, you’ve got to be able to do this or else some aspect of your life is going to suffer. Having the emotions are not the problem, the habits we have because of these feelings can become a problem. For those of you who are suppressing these feelings; you might be noticing that certain areas of your life are not growing & in might even be suffering, & this could be a contributing factor. Remember, our emotions can either cure us or kill us & it’s up to us to decide. Emotions are neither good nor bad, but how we utilize, communicate, contribute & create with them is key.