Where the mind goes, the body follows

Bear with me a little bit with this preface.

Do not take this blog as being in bad taste.

It’s a sensitive story that is tragic for sure, but it’s also a subject that I’m really passionate about, and something I strongly urge you to consider..

.. how our emotions effect our body.

To me, this is not just a concept; it’s a real visceral intimate connection that I feel.

… people’s physical health problems and pains have real emotional communications that yearn to be heard – and I’m the interpreter.

Having said that ..

On August 10, 1997, soon after the conclusion of Rush’s Test for Echo Tour on July 4, 1997 (for those who don’t know, Rush is a rock band, and Neal Peart is the famous drummer for that band), Peart’s first daughter and then-only child, 19-year-old, Selena Taylor was killed in a single-car accident on Highway 401 near the town of Brighton, Ontario. His common-law wife& of 22 years, Jacqueline Taylor, succumbed to cancer only 10 months later on June 20, 1998. Peart attributes her death to the result of a “broken heart” and called it “a slow suicide by apathy. She just didn’t care.” (Excerpt taken straight from Wikipedia)

Obviously you can tell I’m apprehensive in sharing such an intimate story about someone else, but it’s too powerful not to.

I can’t imagine what either parent must have felt like to have lost their daughter; and in no way is this a criticism for the Mother.

Having said all that, and something I think everyone can learn from, is to notice how the mother past from cancer only “10 months after the daughter’s passing” … and the opinion by Neil Peart, her then husband, as to why, was – “the result of a “broken heart” and called it “a slow suicide by apathy. She just didn’t care.”

That’s an amazing example of how powerful the mind is and it’s effect it has on the body.

These types of stories and illustrations of how one’s emotions can create dis-ease in our bodies is something I hear about and deal with everyday..

… and I wanted to share with you an example of this with a story that’s gone public, and not a client of mine that of course I can’t talk about or share.

It may sound bizarre or dark, but these kinds of stories intrigue me – in seeing how ones body and health respond to emotional trauma of all kinds.

People are quick to want to attribute a lot of illness to dietary issues and a slue of other possibilities, and that’s all well and good, but I think it’s extremely important to pay closer attention to our emotional selves more than anything.

When we struggle with emotional traumas and situations especially those of the past, we carry them with us all day – every day…

.. and that has a cumulative, compounding effect that builds each day without resolution and creates quite a toxic environment in our body.

as if we are in a constant state of inflammation, irritation and conflict that it’s no wonder how our bodies can prematurely breakdown and even incur premature disease of all kinds.

This is basic physiology, and not some pseudo-science or me going on about some “spiritual mumbo-jumbo” – this is science!

I would love everyone to consider how what they struggle with mentally/emotionally may effect their body, health and life ..

.. that to one extent or another, and whether you realize it or not, this process is at work in you and me.

Here’s the trick, and this will be the last thing I say before I go ..

.. your ability to get into relationship with these emotional things that eat at you, and to look at these things rather than to look away makes all the difference.

By getting into connection with them, it’s as if the body feels acknowledged and can now rest and be at ease – and isn’t that that what we all want.

Nothing ever heals, nor does any relationship thrive when things are ignored and that goes for the body as well.

Acknowledgment is the key to connection, and it’s also the first step to healing anything.

I hope this finds you well

And if it doesn’t, I hope you reach out to me or someone else who can help ease your suffering.