Who are you accountable to?

For anyone looking to grow an aspect of their life, including healing something or developing their career, I highly urge you to be accountable to someone….

… preferably someone you pay….

…. there’s something about paying someone good money to play this role in your life that stands far above any other arrangement; be it friend or whatever else.

Being accountable to mentors, and others being accountable to me is the only way I know how to live; I thrive off of the relationship….

….. I love being coached and I love coaching and helping heal eager people.

When I want to achieve something, I want the best people I can to help me …..

… so they can cut the money, time and energy it takes to get me there.

Mentors, coaches and healers have spent thousands of hours figuring things out in order to distill what they know to share with you in the simplest form and the straightest path….

Actually, they did it for themselves and their own inspiration, and then they chose to share it with you, but I’m sure you got what I meant.

These people are going to do and say anything they can to help guide you in the best way they see fit, specifically with who you are as a person and what they feel best motivates you….

… and if they are any good at it, sometimes you might not like what they say or do to help you, but that’s just part of the process….

If change were easy, everyone would…..

…. but it’s not and that’s why I feel everyone needs someone like this in their life.

From athletes to business people and everything in between, anyone successful at anything has these people in their life to help guide them….

Everyone needs someone to tell them what they cannot see about themselves.

Even people at the highest levels of achievement need someone to do this with them….

… actually, I’d say the higher level of achievement of the person, the bigger chances they already have these people in place and its a big reason why they got to be at this level in the first place….

… So..

…here are some things that make a good client in my particular work….

….. and for those who don’t know what my work is, you can go to haroldturk.com to take a look.

Someone who brings energy to the relationship and are willing to be open emotionally and physically to do the work it takes…..

…. I can’t help someone very much if they are not giving me much to work with; the more energy I get, the more I can work with.

Someone who expresses their feelings about all kinds of things, including whether we are working too fast or slow …

….. that their needs might not be being met in some way…

…developing a voice for what you need and being able to express that to whoever is helping you is a vital aspect of the relationship and your progress. Without a voice in life, you’re sure to never get anywhere or have anything.

Someone who shares what they are feeling during the process especially when they are experiencing heavy fear and resistance about moving forward…..

…. depending on what’s going on within the person’s process or time of their life, things may need to slow down or speed up; it might be a time for grounding and settling, and it might be a time for uprooting, it just depends.

Also very important is someone who considers me in the relationship and learns that to get what they want in life, they must consider others in the process while achieving anything.

So that’s just a few things to get you started in thinking about entering a relationship like this…

… the cliche is right when “they” say that when the student arrives the teacher will appear, so true.

…. usually it takes some kind of pain to get you to this point where you are open to this extent that you yearn to have someone come into your life to help you with something….

…. and then you must be aware enough to listen for those individuals who seem to be speaking directly to you, and can help guide you…

…. and then you must take action and inquire about them.

I hope this finds you well.