Isn’t that a disconnection issue to think that one thing doesn’t affect the other? No matter what’s going on with my body or the health I’m experiencing, I would never disconnect from it by implying that what my body is going through has no connection to my thoughts & feelings & who I’m being. Maybe that’s a part of why I enjoy good health; because I’m constantly paying attention to how both aspects of me are doing & how they are related. Plus, I’ve been fortunate, thank God, even though I constantly work at having good health. I would always want to know what it is I need to learn about myself that contributed to what I’m experiencing physically. It’s easy to blame our bodies for whatever it’s doing to “fail or disappoint us” but it’s not as easy to pay attention to how we might have contributed to its condition. Besides, if I thought of someone as “failing or disappointing me”, how do you think that relationship would go; not well, right?

Same thing goes for our bodies & health; we need to watch the kind of relationship we have with it & the various things we struggle with it, just as we would with any relationship with a person. Just like people, our bodies & health are aspects of ourselves that want to be payed attention to, seen, heard, acknowledged, treated well, taken care of, considered, complimented & spoken to lovingly, just as any person would want those things. And in doing that, we can probably expect more favorable results, rather then constantly disconnecting from it & raging at how it’s failed us. I might have to write more on this subject of treating our heath & bodies like a relationship with a person. I think it would be good to ask people, how their relationship is going, & ask them to describe it to me.