The kind of therapeutic bodywork that I do is not for everyone. It’s very specialized & by design, it’s always a challenge. No matter if it’s your first time or you’ve had hundreds of sessions like myself, one can always expect to be challenged just beyond their comfort zone – that’s where the transformation occurs.

Feeling discomfort from the bodywork helps connect you with other kinds of pain you’ve long since forgotten about. By causing pain to the physical body, it helps connect you with the emotional pain. It also helps facilitate taking an inventory into deeper areas within yourself that are disconnected from this pain.

It’s quite common for people to be disconnected with some kind of pain or traumatic event in their lives. It’s part of what it means to be human. However, it’s also understood that all of those unhealed physical & emotional traumas contribute to creating the lives we have today. Unhealed wounds create continued unhealed experiences. Healed trauma, especially the emotional kind, brings about fresh new possibilities in ones life, rather than perpetuating the experiences of an unhealed wound.

On some level, everyone is in pain & are possibly suffering. So to cause someone more pain, at first glance, could seem masochistic. However, to the recipient & practitioner, things look entirely different. To them it looks like the ending of suffering they’ve been holding onto & an opportunity to allow the healing to finally begin.

If pain & struggle are inherent in what it means to be alive, then suffering is a resistance to that pain. That resistance is our responsibility to examine & choose to let go of, because suffering is not required for healing.