… at least no deep healing that is. But I’ll say more about that in a minute.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and find themselves back in action, looking to finish the year strong and with clarity in how they are going to move into the New Year..

.. this is not the time to shut anything down.

And with Hanukkah beginning sundown Sunday, I’ll take this opportunity to wish you a happy festival of lights.

Having said that, I want to start by thanking everyone who texted, called, emailed and expressed their love and condolences since hearing about the passing of my dog, Kayla – I love all of you for that!

Here’s a quick update of where I’m at with that.

I’ve been doing pretty well considering. I thought I’d simply feel more free and unencumbered, but that has not been the case – I miss her, I hear her, I talk to her … (and for those who know me well, you know the voice I use when doing that, it’s pretty funny.)

That little rascal of a dog meant a lot to me. Like I said, I loved her more then most people.

I’ve been feeling liberated, lonely, sad, happy, free, angry and pooped; I vacillate from one feeling to the other, and then it repeats.

.. at this point, she’s been starting to become a muse of support and empowerment to move forward in my life with more passion and certainty.

So all in all I’m doing pretty well – my heart is always full and my vitality is picking up more and more.

Speaking of loss, and having shared about the loss of my dog, I feel it’s important to share the huge importance of knowing how letting go emotionally is if you have a serious interest in healing anything deeply.

People in this culture focus on all the healing things they can do to bring healing into their body from the outside – this is called, outside-in “healing”..

.. I put healing in quotes above, because technically, healing can never be brought in from the outside. Healing is inside us, not outside us. We can only bring things into our body that aide or destroy the healing process within us.

Back to what I was saying ..

These things range from healthy foods, to vitamins, powders, tinctures, pills and potions.

And all that is good and certainly necessary, more or less, depending upon your specific needs.

But all of this is not enough if you do not also consider healing from the “inside-out” – or what you can let go of from your body.

What can you let go of from within that’s blocking your innate healing life-force from flowing optimally?

Yes, there is a innate healing current that naturally flows within us. It does not need anything to flow, it simply does – healing is always occurring naturally. But depending on our ability to help remove anything that impedes that flow is what makes that healing process work more efficiently or not.

Think of this current like a roaring river of vitality and all the things like boulders, branches and whatever else that can impede its flow – the same thing happens in our bodies ..

.. and if you’re conscientious enough, you begin to identify and remove all the interference in that flow.

Diagnosing what those blockages are is the nature of what I do and something you can begin to look into for yourselves.

The majority of the time, the body doesn’t need something to take in to help this healing process; more often, it needs less to carry, hold onto or take in – less burden, less stress, less toxicity.

It “needs” help removing something in its way.

Things like Mental-therapy of all kinds help people let go of things ..

Chiropractic helps remove nerve interference from the Central Nerve System ..

The body work I do helps people let go physically and emotionally from all kinds of things they’ve been holding onto ..

All kinds of cleanses can do this as well ..

Acupuncture and colonics too, etc etc …

All these modalities are aids in optimizing our innate healing process by helping us connect to and let go of unnecessary things we’ve been storing and carrying around.

For example, these blockages can be structural like a mis-aligned spinal column compressing upon nerve roots causing all sorts of pain and dysfunction in the body ..

.. and yes, blockages can also be emotional.

Often time’s, emotional blockages can be worse then physical ones (Too long to get into now, but at some point I will address that.)

Emotional healing is an essential component in deep healing.

I always think of emotional issues as the glue that seals physical conditions stuck shut.

And for us to heal deeply, we need to consider what we are holding onto emotionally that may be keeping something unwanted in place.

For some these could range from superficial issues, while for others they are issues and traumas they’ve been holding onto for years.

What are you physically struggling with that might be connected to something you’re not letting go of emotionally?

I hope this email find’s you well. If not, find the courage to reach out to me, or someone who can help you find your way.