These days you’ll hear the term “woke” tossed around; as in awoke. It’s the new vernacular to describe someone who stands out from the typical herd mentality of the culture & speaks in a way that exhibits both self-awareness introspective qualities about themselves as well as the ability to question any media or governing body & entity that promotes that they should be blindly followed.

The term definitely has some swag (swagger)to it, especially when you hear the way certain people use it … here’s what it means to me.

It describes someone who looks inwardly toward themselves & their life, such that they start to pay attention to the pain they’ve been covering up for a long time; especially that of the past. That, instead of doing everything they can to distance themselves from their pain, by the use of all kinds of diversionary tactics, they seek to decrease or often times eliminate these insulating-type techniques so they can start to feel & finally come to terms with some kind of truth about themselves & ultimately find healing along this path. Their ability to look toward their pain, instead of running the other way, ultimately leads to a sense of wisdom they begin to possess & in turn begin to be able to recognize the similar kinds of suffering & struggles others are experiencing in much the same ways – thus, “woke”.

As a Chiropractor, we’re taught to detect & correct subluxation (misalignments)along the spinal column so that optimal nerve flow can resume, which ultimately helps the body heal at a more optimal level. And much in the same way, but in a more comprehensive one, it’s important to take a look at our lives holistically in order to detect & correct where were subluxated or misaligned in all the various ways we’re living & being, including; who were being, what were doing professionally, who were in relationships with & spending time with personally, our values, the types of activities were engaging in, where we live, etc.

Break out your journal & start contemplating all the various ways you’re subluxated & living out of alignment with who you’re meant to be & the way you’re living.

The Adjustment Bureau