No matter what your situation is, you have to fight for a life if you’re going to live one by your design & not of others making. There’s nothing passive about this path & no one can do it for you. It takes tremendous courage, persistence & consistency to steer your life into the direction of your dreams. There will be so many obstacles standing in your way, which will be too many to name, but that will make no difference, because if you’re clear with your direction & path, the obstacles are going to be a part of helping you get crystal clear. One of the biggest obstacles to hurdle will be the one of being an actual victim of something from your past & or a perceived one to something in your current circumstances. Despite what they are or how they came to be, at some point you will need to work through them if you’re going to be liberated. If you’re not committed to the path & you’re struggling with clarity with your direction, those obstacles will be brutal. If you’re not struggling with the clarity, you must dig deeper & stay true to your uncompromising vision. For many years I’ve fought like hell & stayed true to the vision of what I wanted for my life, regardless of the difficulty or the obstacles. It didn’t always look pretty, especially to those around me, but that made little difference to changing my course. This way of being has since become a big part of me that continues on a daily basis & I don’t imagine this ever changing. Fight like hell for a life of your choosing.